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All romance options in Persona 5: Royal

We use cookies and other tracking technologies to improve your browsing experience on our site, show personalized content and targeted ads, analyze site traffic, and understand where our audiences come from. To learn more or opt-out, read our Cookie Policy. Romance in Persona 5 is easy to achieve. The protagonist can romance any of the female Confidants except for Sae Niijima.

How Confidant and Social Links work in Persona 5. There are 21 confidants in the game that will gradually become available as you progress.

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Persona 5 multiple romance guide

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Out of Persona 5 Royal’s 10 romance options, there are some clear indications of which ones are worth your precious in-game time, and which ones seem to go on a romantic pancake date with Akechi, Royal’s newest party.

Persona 5 , a role-playing video game by Atlus , is centered on the Phantom Thieves of Hearts, [a] a vigilante group of high-school students working to change the hearts of criminals by getting them to confess their crimes through defeating a physical manifestation of their subconscious in a mysterious realm known as the Metaverse. Its playable characters can be controlled in the game’s many locations, known as “Palaces”. People with great desires and a distorted perception of the world have a Palace in the Metaverse which the Phantom Thieves access through a mobile app on their smartphones.

Persona 5 is set within Tokyo beginning in April of the year “20XX”. The player character is a silent protagonist codenamed Joker. He is a high school student who moves to Tokyo after being expelled from his former school due to a false accusation of assault, later forming the Phantom Thieves.

‘Persona 5 Royal’ first impressions: Same same but different

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Each is a confidant, and each can be given gifts and hung out with to enhance your relationship. It is totally possible to pursue more than one romantic relationship at once. Get too greedy and you could end up with nobody! These characters are people you hang out with who represent one of the Arcana that you use in the crafting, creation and leveling up of Persona. Boosting your relationship with a confidant will in turn grant bonus EXP when you fuse a Persona of their associated Arcana, but roughly half of the 10 levels of friendship for each will also bestow additional bonuses.

A confidant with your teacher will allow you to slack off in class and perform other tasks on school time, for instance, while a cooperation with a doctor will give you a discount on medical gear to be used to heal up midway through dungeons. All you need to do to romance a character is get involved with their confidant cooperation relationship and get to know them.

As you rank up from the starting rank of 1 to the final rank of 10, an option to pursue a more-than-friends relationship will open up — usually around rank 8. There are three keys to leveling up a confidant quickly to get to the romance sooner: first, always carry a Persona of the arcana they represent with you when hanging out with your planned love, as it boosts how quickly your relationship advances.

Below, we list all the characters you can romance and how to get their confidant relationship started. Persona 5. Enable JavaScript to sign up to our newsletter.

Persona 6: Everything we know about the release date, platforms, and more

Persona 5 can overwhelm you with options, especially when it comes to whom to spend your time hanging out with. Which confidants are the most important? Which provide the best benefits in a palace? What about in the real world?

For Persona 5 on the PlayStation 4, a GameFAQs Q&A question titled “What are the Hawaii date requirements?”.

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‘Persona 5’ confidants and romance guide: Here’s who to hang with

Persona 5 is full of various confidants previously referred to as “social links” in the past couple of games that you can befriend and get to know better. The better your status with your confidants, the more you can do with the Personas you’ve collected and the more powerful you’ll become. The Star confidant is named Hifumi Togo, and she’s an excellent Shogi player located in the Kanda area, specifically, the Kanda Church.

Persona 5 Royal is out on the PlayStation 4 and it’s an absolute masterpiece. it work once again, but the prospect of being a young adult in Persona 6 kid who has to balance the woes and tribulations of dating and exams.

The Japanese RPG received overflowing praise upon its English release, exciting players with a satisfying blend of school life and dungeon crawling. Releasing Mar. The biggest change is the inclusion of several new characters, most notably gymnast Kasumi Yoshizawa. There are more activities, new areas, revamped battles, expanded dungeons, and a couple of new mechanics. Both Persona 5 and Persona 5 Royal place you in the shoes of a high school student whose undeservedly bad reputation has followed them to their new school.

Much like our own world, Persona 5 is full of exploitative adults inflicting suffering upon others for their own gain. You also have to maintain a normal high school life while doing so, keeping up with your studies, making friends, and even working a part-time job.

Correction: Persona 5 Royal Is Not On Switch

One of the repeated ideas for Persona 6 is that Atlus should take a break from high-schoolers to include young adults as the protagonists. And, with Persona 6 an inevitability as opposed to a what if, fans are sharing numerous ideas with one of the most repeated being the focus on adults as the protagonists. There were some outlets who had expressed their desire for Atlus to cast players as adults rather than high-schoolers even before the launch of Persona 5, but the Japanese developers were right to place gamers as the new kid once more.

This is because Persona 5 greatly differs from three and four by putting you in the shoes of someone who is feared as a delinquent as opposed to just a new kid who is mysterious and charming. However, with Persona 5 and its Royal expansion having come and gone, it does feel as if Atlus have largely done almost everything possible with the high-school setting.

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The High Priestess arcana is the second II tarot arcana and can be started after fully completing the third Palace. The confidant of the Priestess social link is Makoto Niijima. The High Priestess arcana represents femininity, knowledge, and unexplored potential. Through your journey, ranking up with the Priestess Confidant will unlock abilities to analyse Shadows as well as abilities that make Makoto more effective in battle.

Makoto is available during the day and can be found outside of the Student Council office on the third floor of Shujin Academy, outside of the school on days that it’s closed, or at the subway station for the school during the later parts of the game. She is available most days of the week, but is typically available on Mondays and Tuesdays and is available during rainy days. Dialogue options in this social link do have an effect on how efficiently it progresses.

All dialogue options below show the answers that grant points and how many points they grant when you have a Persona of the same arcana with you.

Persona 6 ideas: Why it should star adult protagonists instead of high-schoolers

Persona 5 is already four years old, and is an exciting time for fans of the acclaimed JRPG. Not only did begin with Persona 5 Royal — and enhanced and expanded version of the original — but now we’re getting Persona 5 Scramble , a fully realized sequel. Scramble has a uniquely Dynasty Warriors -esque combat system but retains the classic Persona 5 flair in all other ways.

Basically every relationship in Persona 5 Royal is oozing romantic tension, so why do the men not seem to get that I’m tryna date?

Log In Sign Up. Keep me logged in on this device Forgot your username or password? Don’t have an account? Sign up for free! What are the Hawaii date requirements? Ryugi and makoto are the only ones who invited me , how do i get to invite the others? User Info: katsuko How do i get ann and hifumi to invite me? Hifumi invites you if her confidant is high up to the Hawaii trip.

Ann invites you if you romanced her.

Persona 5 Royal – Ichiko Ohya, the Devil Confidant (Confidant Abilities and Guide)

Persona 5 has a ton of romances to choose from. You would need to play through the game about nine times to get through every romance scenario. It’s a long game too, with an average of almost hours to complete the main story! That’s a lot of content to get every romance. Luckily the internet exists, so players can share their opinions and experiences on these romances.

Kasumi Yoshizawa makes her introduction in Persona 5 Royal as a new Phantom Thief. This guide will help players unlock her as a confidant.

Atlus is mainly known for one thing: great JRPGs. Originally a Megami Tensei spin-off, it quickly developed a passionate fanbase all its own. Persona 5 continues this tradition, making its Social Links now called Confidants some of the most interesting and compelling parts of the game. The best part: you can choose any of 9 female confidants to be your in-game waifu. And if cute anime ladies are your thing, this guide might just help you find the right one for you.

Throughout your time knowing her, you can learn a bit about how she became a fortune teller, and how that corelates to her somehow tragic belief in fate. Girlfriend Material? After that you get to witness how her belief in an unchangeable fate has negatively affected not just herself, but others as well. And to top it all off, she just seems weak and totally dependent on you in order to retain any sense of hope or ambition.

Persona 5: Makoto Niijima (Priestess) Confidant Link 1-10

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